December 14, 2017

October 14, 2017

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Winter is Coming... Winter Recital that is.

August 30, 2017

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Recital Handbook

October 14, 2017



Please make sure to read through the following list to make sure that you have all of the pieces to your costume.  We have some basic guidelines to help you and your child during recital. It is important that we put on a professional show. In order to achieve the “look” of a professional dancer, we kindly ask that you follow the basic dance rules listed below.


Guidelines in Backstage Etiquette


If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.


Playing with or moving some else’s props or costumes always result in one of the following:

  1. items will not be in the correct place when need

  2. items can be broken and damaged

  3. some one will get upset with you


Even if you are trying to help, do not touch it.


Stay in your designated area.

I know it can be annoying to be restricted to where, when, or how you can go somewhere, especially when you are familiar with backstage.  It is also tempting to want to wait for your friends, or watch from the sides of the stage. However, it is important to stay where you are suppose to be. WHY?


Teachers and recital helpers have a lot of kids to keep track of during a performance. When their requests are ignored, you stand the chance of missing your performance.  Also, the back stage volunteers will not know where to find you. If you dancer is done performing, you can get them after they dance in the designated pick up area.


Bring something to do.

Even if you think you will be busy, bring something. Some possibilities are a book, card games, coloring books, puzzles, etc. Make sure you are ready in your costume while engaging in your activities.


Always be on top of your stuff, and have your STUFF organized and clearly labeled.

Don’t rely on others to know where your stuff is. If you have a quick change have your stuff labeled. Make sure everything is organized in your bags. Don’t have everything thrown together. Hang them up, and have all of your hair pieces separated for each costume.


Maximize your focus and keep socializing to a minimum. To have the best show stay calm and focused.


Keep quiet in the wings.  Sound from backstage can carry surprisingly well to the “house” or audience.


Be responsible for you and you alone. Take care of YOURSELF.


Stay warm and stay safe. To avoid injury, stay warm. Keep stretching. If you have down time, warm up!


Be conscious of bleeding light. Wait for the volunteers to open the side doors. Do not continue on moving in and out of the side doors. Lights carry in and creates light lines visible to the audience.




Don’t argue. Be respectful to each other. Stay calm and collected. When a teacher or backstage volunteer gives you direction. Follow them.


Costume Tips

  1. Always have a second pair of tights.

  2. Place costumes in a garment bag for travel.

  3. Hang costumes before each performance.

  4. Place your name in all costumes and shoes before you arrive at the theater.

  5. Recital is not a one-day activity. Gather all of your costumes and accessories several days in advance.

  6. Make a personal checklist.

  7. Steam your tutus. NEVER IRON, you will destroy your costume.

  8. Do not eat in your costume.

  9. Make sure to have ALL OF YOUR HAIR PIECES.

  10. Lightly clean your dance shoes with a warm white washcloth with just water and a dab of dish soap.

  11. Make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments. Your tights act as an undergarment. Nude dance thongs are permitted. Male ballet/jazz dancers must have their man belt on. Men must be wearing black undergarments. No sports bras/strapless bras are permitted.  Body suits are fine. No rolled up nude shorts under leotards.

  12. No jewelry allowed.

  13. No glitter.

  14. No fake tattoos or writing on your skin.

  15. No NAIL POLISH on hands or feet. 





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